Искаш ли да видиш, какво има да ти каже Вселената?
Провери Словата за Теб - натисни бутона :)

сряда, 15 октомври 2014 г.

Me? Put a spell on you!?

:))) Hey, I didn’t imagine being with someone like you before…

And the truth is that I was totally charmed by your beautiful words that were so warm and respectful, and full with energy that resonates with me!

And just when I wanted to heal your knee with my energy – I sensed you… and I was… charmed again – your energy was filling me and attracted me toward you – I felt myself…....... aroused and in a cozy place… and you were so very nice with me that I fell into you…

And everything is on energy level but soooo strong that my body resonates with it and vibrates every time we connect :)

So this is my side of this story :)

And I’m sooo in love with your voice – it’s real and masculine and really reverberate on me :)

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