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сряда, 4 декември 2013 г.

A Woman...

Fragile by *OlgaC on deviantART
She may not look it.  
She may come off
As strong as
A brick wall.
But if 
You were too look
Very, very closely
You would see
That her foundation
Has been shaken
A time or two.
Some of the bricks
Are a little cracked
Some are chipped.
Some are fake…
Placed there
To hide 
From the world
The fact that
She had once
Been in ruin
She had once
Been torn down
But she rebuilt
As best as she could.
Not perfect
But functional
And as far
As the world
Was concerned…
But never forget…
Looks can be
Handle with care.

The picture is beautiful but the words are priceless. -bonnefille

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