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сряда, 20 ноември 2013 г.

When we meet one day

ok.... hmmmmmmmm i hope that when we meet one day it is warm... sunny... clear blue skies and we stand to hugg one another for a long time... making people around us nervous because of the intensity of our friendship and our huuuuuuuuuuuge hugg! ... we will sit and talk like machine guns our voices getting higher and higher as we get more and more excited... and our eyes will sparkle like spring's gushing crystal clear water out on to a virgin pasture... we will probably dissagree on lots of things but be grown up enough to discuss our differences and accept each others standpoints... and we will probably hold hands too like young friends do.

And as we walked hand in hand our arms would link and you rest your head to my shoulder as we walked talking about those worries... the ones you're quickly forgetting... and our hushed voices would trail back behind us as we stroll in the shades of sunkissed trees.

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