Искаш ли да видиш, какво има да ти каже Вселената?
Провери Словата за Теб - натисни бутона :)

понеделник, 1 декември 2014 г.

Never let anybody take advantage of your kind and loving demeanor. 
Leave the situation or say something from your place of peace.

сряда, 5 ноември 2014 г.

“If you are meant to have sex with her, the sex will happen, and if you are not, it won’t. So there’s no point in worrying about it.”

петък, 31 октомври 2014 г.

I need you in my arms.
I need to feel you close to me.
I need to be inside you.
Making love to you slowly, urgently.
I need to have you for my own.

събота, 25 октомври 2014 г.

I don’t want to be a sweetheart. 
I want to be the fucking love of your life.” 
—  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah

четвъртък, 23 октомври 2014 г.

Предопределено е

Предопределено е.
Не чукай на дърво.
Ще ти се случа.
Обречена съм ти от цели сто живота.
По теб ще тръгна като тънък ручей и ще се гмурна във сърцето ти. Дълбоко.
Ще станеш целият водовъртежен.
Така съм влюбена, че просто си безсилен.
А аз се чувствам до полуда нежна,
когато тихичко по тебе се разливам.
Не можеш да ме спреш да те обичам.
Заключих миналото си и хвърлих ключа.
Сега съм твоето объркано момиче.
Не чукай на дърво.
Ще ти се случа!


сряда, 15 октомври 2014 г.


You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear. 

— Oscar Wilde

Me? Put a spell on you!?

:))) Hey, I didn’t imagine being with someone like you before…

And the truth is that I was totally charmed by your beautiful words that were so warm and respectful, and full with energy that resonates with me!

And just when I wanted to heal your knee with my energy – I sensed you… and I was… charmed again – your energy was filling me and attracted me toward you – I felt myself…....... aroused and in a cozy place… and you were so very nice with me that I fell into you…

And everything is on energy level but soooo strong that my body resonates with it and vibrates every time we connect :)

So this is my side of this story :)

And I’m sooo in love with your voice – it’s real and masculine and really reverberate on me :)

вторник, 30 септември 2014 г.

To the East, the power, the wave, the flow
To the South, the storm, the wolf wind's howl
To the West, the land, ancestors, bone
To the North, the heart, the hearth, the home,
Before us the night, black bed of the stars
Tomorrow awaken, dawn's chorus is ours

Goodnight and Blessed be dear friends. May there be Peace in your home and heart this evening. Rest well. Sleep deep. Dream sweet. )O(

четвъртък, 25 септември 2014 г.

неделя, 14 септември 2014 г.

Медитативен текст

О, Божествен Дух, проникни ме,
проникни в душата ми;
На душата ми дай мощна сила,
мощна сила и на моето сърце,
моето сърце, що Тебе търси,
Тебе търси със дълбок копнеж,
със дълбок копнеж за здраве,
за здраве и смелост,
за смелост, която в моите органи тече,
тече като благодатен Божи дар,
Божи дар от Тебе, о, Божествен дух.
О, Божествен дух, проникни ме,
проникни в душата ми…

медитативен текст, даден от Рудолф Щайнер за «тежко болни»

сряда, 10 септември 2014 г.

... Someone

ЦАР­С­Т­ВО­ТО БО­ЖИЕ - молитви

1. Като ста­­не­­те су­т­­­рин ка­­же­­те:
“Аз же­­лая да до­й­­де Цар­­с­­т­­­во­­то Бо­­жие на Зе­­мя­­та и да бъ­­да но­­си­­тел на Не­­го­­ва­­та све­т­­­ли­­на!”

2. “Да се раз­п­ръс­нат всич­ки ло­ши мис­ли на хо­ра­та, ко­и­­то се про­ти­вят на ид­ва­не­то на Цар­с­т­во­то Бо­жие. Да се въд­во­ри Цар­с­т­во­то Бо­жие и Не­го­ва­та Прав­да да дой­де на Зе­мя­та.” (три пъ­ти)

3. “Бо­жи­ят Дух, Бо­жи­ят мир и Бо­жи­е­то бла­­гос­­­ло­­ве­­ние да за­­ле­­ят ця­­ла­­та Зе­мя.” (три пъ­ти)
Про­из­на­ся се сут­­­рин след ста­­ва­­не от сън, в 12 ча­­са и ве­­чер пре­­ди ля­га­не.

4. Про­­из­­­на­­ся се в оп­­­ре­­де­­лен час:
“Гос­­­по­­ди, бла­­го­­во­­ли да въз­­с­­­та­­но­­виш Лю­­бов­­­та, Мъд­­­рост­­­та и Ис­­­ти­­на­­та в сър­­­ца­­та и ду­­ши­­те на всич­­­ки ръ­­ко­­во­­де­­щи ли­­ца по Зе­­мя­­та, за да жи­­ве­­ят всич­­­ки хо­­ра в мир и ра­­дост и да се по­­чув­­с­­т­­­ват ка­­то бра­­тя и сес­­т­­­ри с Един Ба­­ща.”

5. “Гос­по­ди, Бо­же наш, да дой­­де Тво­е­то Цар­с­т­во на Зе­­мя­та, как­­­то е го­­ре на Не­бе­то и всич­­­ки на­ро­ди, ко­­и­то Ти Си при­зо­вал, да за­­е­мат сво­­е­то мяс­­­то в Цар­с­т­во­то Ти и да Ти слу­­жат с ра­­дост и ве­се­лие.”



(Дадена от Учителя през 1900 година )

Господи, Боже наш, благий ни Небесен Баща,Който си ни подарил живот и здраве да Ти се радваме,
молим Ти се, изпроводи ни Духа Си да ни пази и закриля от всяко зло и лукаво помишление.
Научи ни да правим Твоята Воля, да осветяваме Твоето Име и да Те славословим винаги.
Осветявай духа ни, просвещавай сърцата ни и ума ни, да пазим Твоите заповеди и повеления.
Вдъхвай в нас с присъствието Си чистите Си мисли и ни упътвай да Ти служим с радост.
Живота си, който посвещаваме на Тебе за доброто на нашите братя и ближни, Ти благославяй.
Помагай ни и съдействай ни да растем във всяко познание и мъдрост, да се учим от Твоето Слово и да пребъдваме в Твоята Истина.
Ръководи ни във всичко, което мислим и вършим за Твоето Име, да е за успеха на Царството Ти на земята.
Храни душите ни с Небесния Си хляб, укрепявай ни със силата Си, да успяваме в живота си.
Като ни даваш всичките Твои благословения, приложи и Любовта Си да ни е вечен закон.
Защото на Тебе принадлежи Царството и Силата, и Славата завинаги.

Celtic Cross Kilmuir,
Kilmuir cemetery, Trotternish, Isle of Skye.
Douglas Hamilton © All rights reserved

петък, 5 септември 2014 г.

Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.” 
—  Kurt Vonnegut

неделя, 31 август 2014 г.

Dear Men:

You might think she wants 
your car,
your money,
and gifts.

But the Right Woman wants
your time,
your smile,
your honesty,
your effort,
and you choosing to put her as a priority.

понеделник, 25 август 2014 г.

... mmmmm, to feel those lips, warm against my skin...
the deep deep feelings they would describe with their sensuous caresses...
the vibration of your pulsing heartbeat as our lips come together...
your passion and need physically engraved on my spirit as you excite me beyond compare...
... oh, yes! I know how much you want to kiss me!

неделя, 24 август 2014 г.

When you’re sad:

1. Write letters to the people you love. Don’t seal them; don’t send them. Instead, stick them between the pages of library books.

2. Eat raspberries off your fingertips.

3. Venture outside and observe natural life. Watch a honey bee suck the nectar from lavender plants. Watch a snail slowly make its way towards the shade of a tree. Watch a hummingbird innocently fly above your head. Realize how insignificant you are.

4. Smile at strangers; say hello. It will improve their day and your own.

5. Write lists. They can be about anything.

6. Read several pages of the dictionary. Learn new words. Write down the ones you wish to remember.

7. Never feel compelled to apologize when you don’t feel sorry. It’s okay that you’re honest. It’s okay that you have a different opinion from someone else.

8. Read books and watch movies from your childhood. A healthy dose of nostalgia is okay. Immerse yourself in your past innocence.

9. Walk to a park and get on a swing. Go as high as you can; feel limitless. The world is yours.

10. Eat if you’re hungry. Food is not the enemy. You are a human and need food to survive. You deserve to eat. Put those raspberries on your fingers and sprinkle sugar on your tongue. Taste the summer breeze and sweet aroma of jasmine flowers.

11. Don’t marinate in your sadness. You are not a steak. You are a person; you’re irreplaceable. Open yourself up to contentment. Bathe in the rivers of Glee. Go for hikes with Satisfaction. Sleep in a warm cocoon of blankets with Bliss. Let endless happiness overcome your hopeless sadness. You deserve to be happy. If life is a game and you are the referee, be biased for once and let happiness win.

—  When You’re Sad by thewastedgeneration (tumblr) (do not delete this)

неделя, 17 август 2014 г.

Still in my heart!!!

Защо не ми е безразлично и не мога да те намразя
и все още спомена за теб,мил го пазя!
Защо мисля за теб,когато заспивам
и в съня си пак при теб отивам!
Все така бродя,но никъде не спирам
и приличаща на теб и днес не намирам!
Ще чакам да избледнее спомена,но кога,
спомен,който носи усмивки,радост,надежда...но вече и тъга!


от Георги, който е в сърцето ми

неделя, 10 август 2014 г.

You have this one life

How do you wanna spend it? 
Hating yourself? 
Running after people who don’t see you? 

Be brave. 
Believe in yourself. 
Do what feels good. 
Take risks. 
You have this one life. 
Make yourself proud.

сряда, 6 август 2014 г.

!!! :)

"Обичам решителността.
Искаш да ме видиш - ела.
Не искам да ме питаш може ли, кога...
Бъди мъж!"

Елиф Шафак

неделя, 3 август 2014 г.

When another person makes you suffer, 
it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. 
He does not need punishment; he needs help. 
That’s the message he is sending.” 
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

петък, 1 август 2014 г.

Your Calling...

" Sometimes people thousand of miles away can make you feel better than someone right beside you "

Before I Fall

Maybe you can afford to wait. 
Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow. 
Maybe for you there’s one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through you fingers. 
So much time you can waste it.
But for some of us there’s only today. 
And the truth is, you never really know.” 
—  Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall

петък, 27 юни 2014 г.

петък, 20 юни 2014 г.

" Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences. "

- Emery Allen

петък, 13 юни 2014 г.

Why is falling in love wonderful and agonizing simultaneously?

anonymous said:
why is falling in love wonderful and agonizing simultaneously?

четвъртък, 12 юни 2014 г.

Обикновено ни се струва, че някой друг е отговорен за това, през което минаваме, но истината е, че дилемата е в нас, а околният свят просто отразява нашите вътрешни процеси.

сряда, 11 юни 2014 г.

" Everything you want is coming. 

Relax and let the Universe pick the timing and the way. 

You just trust that it is coming and watch how fast it comes. "


- Abraham Hicks

неделя, 8 юни 2014 г.

Предопределено е...

Не чукай на дърво. Ще ти се случа.
Обречена съм ти от цели сто живота.
По теб ще тръгна като тънък ручей
и ще се гмурна във сърцето ти. Дълбоко.
Ще станеш целият водовъртежен.
Така съм влюбена, че просто си безсилен.
А аз се чувствам до полуда нежна,
когато тихичко по тебе се разливам.
Не можеш да ме спреш да те обичам.
Заключих миналото си и хвърлих ключа.
Сега съм твоето объркано момиче.
Не чукай на дърво. Ще ти се случа!

написа caribiana

петък, 30 май 2014 г.

сряда, 21 май 2014 г.

I do not trust people who don’t love themselves 
and yet tell me, ‘I love you.’ 
There is an African saying which is: 
Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt.” 
—  Maya Angelou

събота, 17 май 2014 г.

“Dear Human:
You've got it all wrong.

You didn't come here to master unconditional love. This is where you came from and where you'll return.

You came here to learn personal love.
Universal love.
Messy love.
Sweaty Love.
Crazy love.
Broken love.
Whole love.
Infused with divinity.
Lived through the grace of stumbling.
Demonstrated through the beauty of... messing up.

You didn't come here to be perfect, you already are.

You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous.

And rising again into remembering.

But unconditional love? Stop telling that story.

Love in truth doesn't need any adjectives.
It doesn't require modifiers.
It doesn't require the condition of perfection.

It only asks you to show up.
And do your best.
That you stay present and feel fully.
That you shine and fly and laugh and cry and hurt and heal and fall and get back up and play and work and live and die as YOU.

Its enough.

It's Plenty.”

Courtney A. Walsh

неделя, 11 май 2014 г.

anonymous asked:
How to deal with emotionally manipulative people?

събота, 10 май 2014 г.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

петък, 9 май 2014 г.

“How can you be something when you don’t even know what
that something is? 

You need a number kid, you need to be
or else you have no chance at being wealthy.”

сряда, 7 май 2014 г.

The Obstacle is the Path.

Zen proverb
Love is the Ascending Force

When you act in a loving way and speak loving words,
the Spirit dwells in you and is awakened in others.

At such times, physical reality
does not seem as dense as it seemed before.

When love is present, the body and the world are infused
with light, possibility and celebration of goodness.

The world you see when love is present in your heart
is not the same world that you see
when you are preoccupied with your ego needs.

—  (via astrologyreadings)

" If someone SERIOUSLY wants to be a part of your life, they will SERIOUSLY make an effort to be in it. "

понеделник, 5 май 2014 г.

"She was ready to forgive a lot and turn a blind eye to many things, only to be with him.

But the day came when she realized that she wanted
not to forgive but to admire,
not to close her eyes for certain actions
but to smile with joy, seeing his actions.

Thus ends blind love and started the road to her own happiness."

неделя, 4 май 2014 г.

Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. 
To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” 
—  Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember
The music in his laughter had a way of rounding off the missing notes in her soul.” 
—  Gloria Naylor, Linden Hills

четвъртък, 1 май 2014 г.

" The Cowardly One – will sit on the shore, whispering how much he is faithful to you,
The Weak One – will cry of sorrow,
But The True One – will find you on he’s own… "

Evtim Evtimov

вторник, 29 април 2014 г.

понеделник, 28 април 2014 г.

— И когато следващия път в ръцете ти попадне нещо омагьосано — независимо дали си го очаквала или не — дръж се като вещица, каквато си, а не като тъпо човешко същество. Не се прави, че не го забелязваш, нито си казвай, че си въобразяваш. — Доброволното невежество и пренебрежението към свръхестественото бяха най-големите грехове за Сара. — Отнасяй се към него с уважение и ако не знаеш какво да правиш, потърси помощ.

Аз, Вещицата
Дебора Харкнес
When you judge me without knowing me, 
you do not define me, 
you define yourself.”

събота, 26 април 2014 г.

Could you tell us a bit about Shakti? :)

сряда, 23 април 2014 г.

I don’t. 
I don’t want anybody else to touch you. 
I’m silly. I get furious if they touch you.” 
—  Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

понеделник, 21 април 2014 г.

петък, 18 април 2014 г.

Happiness begins with you. Not with your relationship, your friends, or your job. But with you.” 
—  Mandy Hale
When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.
Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym

неделя, 13 април 2014 г.

A Mantra

“I pray and ask for positive healing energy
to come into my energy fields and
surround me all day long
to release any and all negative energy patterns that I have.
I give in return a positive mindset
to fully release these negative issues in all areas of my life. ”

понеделник, 7 април 2014 г.

When you look upon another human being and feel great love toward them, or when you contemplate beauty in nature and something within you responds deeply to it, close your eyes for a moment and feel the essence of that love or that beauty within you, inseparable from who you are, your true nature. The outer form is a temporary reflection of what you are within, in your essence. That is why love and beauty can never leave you, although all outer forms will.” 
—  Eckhart Tolle
“Start by doing what is necessary,
then what is possible,
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

—  Francis of Assisi

събота, 5 април 2014 г.